SMS Credits

Did you know that with eAlthLTE you can top up your own SMS credits?
Easy steps are:
1. Go to Setting -> Company Maintenance.
2. Select Option from Buys SMS credit combo box.
3. Click on PayPal Checkout button.
4. A new window will pop up and follow the prompts.

You will get 2 warnings. Based on your Minimum SMS credit setting your warnings will occur
Low warning(Orange) when credit less than [Min. SMS credit x 2]
Very Low warning(Red) when credit less than [Min. SMS credit]

Now when you top-up SMS credits via Paypal the system will produce a tax invoice. You can also print a Tax Invoice for top-ups done via Paypal Checkout by going to Reports->SMS Credit Tax Invoice.

User Remember Feature – Instead of typing your email address to log in each time you can just set so your user is remembered. This way the only thing have to type to log in is your password. To turn this on for your user just click on your name in the top left. Then select Remember User checkbox. Now when you log out should see your name on the login screen. Click on your user then type your password.

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