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More useful tips from eAlthLTE
Patient Browsers – you can search by email address. Simply type the email address in search boxes provided.
This is available in Add Appointment, Message Center, Patient Browser and Reports that have Patient Selector

Use the Duplicate Patient Report to find out duplicate patients. For each patient in the report display the main details and record counts. The report has 2 different modes for identifying duplicates:
– Same Email, Surname and Initial
– Same Mobile, Surname and Initial
Use Extra Characters option allows having more than just Initial matched.
Include Gender checkbox means only include patients whos gender matches. Note Gender might not be set on some records this why default is set to false.

Use the Merge Patient Report to merge two patient records so they become one. This Report can be run in 3 different modes:
Report Only. From Patient is the record that will be marked as deleted. To Patient will be kept. Enter From Patient and To Patient. Click the Run Report button. Report displays record counts and a list of all actions will take place to merge 2 records together. This mode is used to check patients selected are correct. Once satisfied with the output run report in Update Mode.
Tip: You can enter Patient ID displayed in duplicate report then click the search button (Magnifying Glass Icon).
Update Mode. This mode will perform the merge. Report will include Run ID.
Undo Merge. Enter Run ID in Undo ID field provided. Click Run Report buttons will undo the patient merge that was performed under that Run ID.

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