Messages and templates

More eAlthLTE features.

– Referral Messages, Letters and Draft Messages
Home -> Message – Now has a badge on the summary panel that indicates the count of your draft messages.
– Draft button on the top right of the screen. The badge on button shows the number of the draft message. Click button and dialogue box appears showing you a list of your draft messages. Note you can view all draft message using filter button provided.
– Edit draft at Home message screen or Patient message screen.
– Delete a draft message using the button provided. When click on delete button user has 5 seconds before the message disappears out of your list. Can cancel delete in this time or force delete by clicking trash can again.

Patient -> Message – Now has a badge on the summary panel that indicates the number of drafts message this patient has.
– Now you have a Delivery type of letter to choose. On clicking send button of the letter will produce a PDF for you to print out and send via the post.
– Also, have the option to send a message to the Patient or the Referral.
– Save as draft button will save message as draft. When click send button will remove the message from the draft list and send the message.
– Now also shows a message indicating if send is in progress. Send button is disabled now until send is complete.

Address Dialog (Patient, Clinic, Invoicee and Referral Contacts) – Address Records now have a Send Address checkbox. If ticked this address will appear in address list on the compose message screen.
– The address dialog box now shows you the address in title modal box.

Message Templates – Now has the option to allow the template to be used for Letter
– New Message Type Patient Referral Message. This template type used to send a message to Patient Referral Contacts. Also has additional merge fields for referral contact details
– Additional Merge fields for Today date and Letter Window which indents content inside so appears in the window of the letter.
– Due to number merge fields now available add search field so can filter and quickly find the field you are after
– Message templates can now be deleted.

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