More features and the bushfires

More details of features in eAlthLTE. For referral links:
Patients Details – Now can assign Referral Links to Patient or Referral detail. You can flag one of the links as a marketing link. This indicates how the patient first became aware of your company. You can add as many links as you like. Unlike the old system which limited you to 1 link per patient. Only one of the links should be flagged as marketing.
Jump to that Referral Contact by clicking on Maintenance button provided. Referred Menu item shows all patients linked to this Patient by Referral Link record. Filter by link type, Archived status and search by field provided. Jump to that patient by clicking on Maintenance button provided

Settings-> Referring Contacts
This is the maintenance screen for any non-patient referral links. Add Address and contact details.

Also thinking of all those affected by the bushfires – we know some of our clinics are affected.

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